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    Pan Shiyi, Beijing broke the news before the May 64 billion land storage


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    Pan Shiyi, Beijing broke the news before the May 64 billion land storage

    Post  momomi1111 on Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:42 pm

    Beijing from January to May storage land revenue $ 64 billion. Yesterday, GHD iv styler collectionSOHO China, Pan Shiyi, chairman of the authority cited in the microblogging public disclosure of the information department of the data. Earlier, there were reports that the first five months, the Beijing land does not exceed the total income of 25.061 billion yuan, from 2009 to May 2011, Beijing land reserves over 250 billion yuan of total loans, monthly payments of principal and interest over 10 billion yuan.Reporters land reserve center under the Beijing public statistical information on the transfer of land, the first five months, total turnover of 81 Beijing land, the total price of land totaling about 265 billion yuan.For the first five months of the land transfer price and the difference between the income of storage, GHD pure white stylera source close to Beijing Land Bureau said, "the two are not the same thing": the payment by the contract and time constraints, the current public May before the land transfer price estimates are not a large part of the storage. In the land storage revenue in the same period, many of which are carried over last year. Meanwhile, the storage revenue includes not only public auction and the price of land, including land now pay over the past allocation of transfer payment.Secretary of the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau micro-Bo Feng Yun also said, GHD new colour collection"rumor! Panzong said! Debt Insurance Corporation does not exist!"

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