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    Thai military said the army will not intervene in the election to remain neutral



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    Thai military said the army will not intervene in the election to remain neutral

    Post  momomi1111 on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:45 pm

    Three Pakistani Defense Minister Yi said the army would remain neutral, non-intervention in the House of Commons on July 3 elections, Pakistan is easy to urge all political parties and political parties did not participate in the military. Ba Yi said that he had a meeting GHD iv styler collection
    at the National Defense Commission, clearly indicating the military will maintain strict political neutrality and non-intervention stance. Ba Yi said some politicians have accused the armed forces attempting to interfere in domestic politics, it's just a political propaganda, urging the release of these political parties in Pakistan are not easy to make any comment on the military, inappropriate comments may damage the country's main organization's reputation. Ba to emphasize the military would like to see national reconciliation in the country, the country will continue to move forward. Thai military officials said, the same day, the Palestinian education,GHD pure white styler
    he has ordered military commanders, under the special attention to the action, be absolutely sure that does not participate in illegal activities. He also asked all people must obey the law and should as far as possible damage to the election preparations. Ba Yi and agree with the views of, and commitment to defense, the military will remain neutral and not interfere in politics. Pakistan GHD new colour collection
    has been deprived of education in their respective political parties accused the soldiers promised to vote for the Democratic Party's allegations. He said that the soldiers choose to vote.

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