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    Commented that the Chinese do not have to exercise in disarray because the United States in Southeast Asia


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    Commented that the Chinese do not have to exercise in disarray because the United States in Southeast Asia

    Post  momomi1111 on Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:19 pm

    The South China Sea disputes the "tipping point" is the May 27 Chinese patrol boat in Vietnam in the South China Sea called harassment of its oil and gas exploration ship. GHD iv styler collectionThe truth in the end how uncompromising China and Vietnam, both sides have the statement is also talk past each other, but the subsequent evolution of the event is the real attraction. In addition to Foreign Ministry spokesman's statement at a regular press conference, the Chinese authorities played down the path to follow is basically to deal with this incident, the next few days China has also not taken substantive action. But rather on the performance of Vietnam in the event handler was "aggressive" verbal confrontation quickly upgraded to action against.While promoting the escalation in Vietnam also lost no time in the "U.S. factor" introduced into the South China Sea disputes in the past. And Vietnam, GHD pure white stylerthe Philippines, a high-profile campaign echoes that the U.S. involvement on the South China Sea is also quite high profile. In addition to government officials made ??it clear that support for the Philippines in the South China Sea issue, the recent US-led and the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei and other Southeast Asian six countries of the joint military exercise turns debut. In July, the U.S. Navy destroyer will also travel to Vietnam, Da Nang and Vietnam held a joint naval search and rescue exercise.While some exercise is a pre-arranged, not so times and the layout of the South China Sea disputes, it is undeniable that these exercises in the United States to "return" in the South China Sea, GHD new colour collectionSoutheast Asia and the United States declared a "national interest" out of context operate .

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