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    Experts said China's largest trading price over the cost of the U.S. tax system


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    Experts said China's largest trading price over the cost of the U.S. tax system

    Post  momomi1111 on Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:39 am

    If you change a comparative approach, the gap between China and the U.S., GHD iv styler collectionor more prominent: in the U.S., a cup of coffee $ 2 a movie $ 10, respectively, per capita monthly income of all U.S. births VI thousandths. In China, the data were 1.3% and 3.5%, equivalent to U.S. residents to shoulder the cost is about 45 times and 12 times.Chinese goods contained in the tax are higher than any developed country: the United States, 4.17 times, 3.76 times that of Japan, is 2.33 times the EU-15 countries.Recently, a microblogging madness spread on the Internet: China, wages of 5,000 yuan, eating times KFC $ 30 eating out at least $ 100, buy a Levis jeans $ 400, at least 30,000 yuan to buy a car --- Charade; the United States, GHD pure white stylerwages $ 5,000 to eat KFC $ 4 times, eating out $ 40, buy a Levis20 dollars to buy a car --- BMW up to $ 30,000.A week ago, she just finished a semester at the University of Pennsylvania graduate programs, specifically a new outfit to wear home of Crocs shoes --- $ 9.9, $ 39.9 of Levis jeans, $ 30 TommyHi1figer brand T-shirts. Sun flute found that these things were in the domestic price is 499 yuan, 799 yuan and 799 yuan.Well-known financial commentator when the ice (Click to view microblogging) and Sun flute are the same. He also cultivated a new habit to buy things from abroad --- Trustee. Latest achievement is equivalent to 24,000 yuan a Nikon SLR camera, in the domestic price is $ 40,000.Before departure, GHD new colour collectiona friend from the U.S. several times to remind him: "In addition to the United States do not take money Han, something is very cheap."

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