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    B2C platform layout of the new battlefield: Taobao Jingdong Mall Denver pharmaceutical industry


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    B2C platform layout of the new battlefield: Taobao Jingdong Mall Denver pharmaceutical industry

    Post  momomi1111 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:12 pm

    June 28 afternoon, following the layout of a high-profile medical Taobao Mall B2C, GHD iv styler collectionit has been in e-commerce market, holding high-dozen Jingdong Mall also quietly eyeing this area. According to sources, Jingdong Mall and Kyushu Medical Group has reached an agreement, through a joint venture to enter the medical field of B2C.Information, Kyushu Medical Group is a Western medicine, Chinese medicine and medical equipment wholesale, logistics and distribution, retail chains and e-commerce as a core business of the joint-stock company, owns access to "Internet drug trade license number," the B2C platform Kyushu medicine Medical Network to sources, GHD pure white stylerJingdong Mall will pass through Kyushu Medical Group has a license to establish a joint venture of the way through the cut into the field of Internet medical e-commerce.In fact Tencent, Taobao Mall has long been ahead of the layout in this area: pat Network has on-line pharmaceutical products in the last month, Taobao launched last week in the medical museum, and announced that the U.S. Drug rehabilitation and Shanghai, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy , Hangzhou Jiuzhou Pharmacy, Jiangxi happy Person and Yunnanbaiyao Drug achieve cooperation.This means that B2C e-commerce battlefield from books, clothing, appliances burning to a more vertical field. But drugs as a special commodity, is to open up a new battleground worth it?According to "The Internet and drug transaction services for approval the Interim Provisions" in the Internet and drug transaction services business, food and drug regulatory authorities must review and acceptance, GHD new colour collectionand Internet and drug transaction services to obtain qualification certificates.

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