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    Audit: 10 trillion over the solvency of local government debt is not


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    Audit: 10 trillion over the solvency of local government debt is not Empty Audit: 10 trillion over the solvency of local government debt is not

    Post  momomi1111 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:23 pm

    Developed by the Nanjing Military Region of the Chinese military's first large-scale networks with independent intellectual property rights of the military game "glorious mission" has officially released.According to reports, GHD iv styler collectionthe Nanjing Military Region, specially constituted military steering group to guide the game set, with the motion capture; hire a video: People's Liberation Army successfully developed the "glorious mission" military gamesSource: Sina podcast-known game company as a consultant and technical personnel involved in project assessment, to help solve technical problems. After two and a half of exploration practice in early April this year completed a test version, and further testing, modifications, completed June 20, the official version, GHD pure white stylerthe industry experts as "a breakthrough in the military game, a game industry initiative."The officers and men for the army military game developed by the network to a soldier's camp life as the background, to participate in code-named "glorious mission" training exercises against the main line, according to a complete story line to set the game level, sub-"basic training, individual task, team against the "three modules, so that officers in the cultural entertainment experience camp life, training and fighting in the virtual environment to acquire knowledge, exercise courage, an increase of knowledge, temper the fighting spirit and mental qualities.This game is not finished outside the game simple,GHD new colour collectionnor is it simply a face-lift, but with independent intellectual property rights. Distinctive characteristics of the Chinese army.

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