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    16-year-old girl walk in the park 17 hours captivity wits to get out



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    16-year-old girl walk in the park 17 hours captivity wits to get out

    Post  momomi1111 on Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:49 pm

    And her boyfriend walk in the park, locked in by four men, GHD iv styler collectionwas dislodge her boyfriend, 16-year-old girl was forcibly abducted. Criminals face threats, intimidation and clubs, girls from the first rather die, then pretend to obey, after 17 hours in a battle of wits, and finally managed to escape. Yesterday, the lions Baogai police station informed that where "big visit" campaign, has arrested the two criminals to justice. "He and I walk in the park in Guihu, ready to go back, four men came from behind which a man asked him, I was not his girlfriend, he said, it is inexplicable to be playing," Guizhou woman Xiaodong (a pseudonym) recalls, 14 at 10 am, she suffered a terrible scene. Since then, outnumbered by her boyfriend dislodge, three men to continue pursuing, and she was a man pulled. "Then, I was hijacked on a tricycle, in the car, I to want to QQ on the ground, GHD pure white stylerusing a mobile phone to help my brother sent a text message, saying only that I was hijacked, but the phone will soon be snatched away had. "Subsequently, Xiaodong was taken to a rental house, after being pressed several hours of continuous problems, including two men proposed to her to the hotel prostitution, to help them make money. "My attitude is very tough, always said do not, they are angry, they picked up an iron bar to hit me, kicked, I was not from." See Xiaodong not from the criminals want to force a relationship with, to compel him to give in, Xiaodong period since the ground escaped unharmed. Xiaodong know, the help message does not issue specific address, GHD new colour collectionwaiting for help little hope, only to escape on their own.

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