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    Local and foreign population in the coastal town upside gap caused by welfare gap



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    Local and foreign population in the coastal town upside gap caused by welfare gap

    Post  momomi1111 on Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:30 pm

    Recently, in some southeastern coastal towns, GHD iv styler collectiongroups of migrant workers and the local occurrence of friction, conflict frequency was significantly accelerated. Developed in these towns, foreigners and locals the income gap between the public welfare gap, some local governments and residents to work outside the system of discrimination, awareness of discrimination, management discriminated against discrimination and life, so that some "outsiders" began to germinate of group antagonism. This antagonism is not simply with a "strengthening management of foreign population" can deal with.To give foreign workers a comprehensive "national treatment" to eliminate the breeding of "ethnic conflict" in the soil, has not only care for foreign workers problem, but happiness is a matter of local people can live event.According to the "Outlook" Newsweek reporters Cai Fang and Guan Cha, the outsiders and natives of the conflict, the "road map" similar: causes, GHD pure white stylersome companies pay talks persecution of workers; some urban management or security lane and hawkers hawking defense team improvement, bike motorcycle illegal; some shopping mall security violations alleged thieves. The injured party is a stranger, fellow or nothing to do with foreigners live crowd, straight, followed by clashes between police and then thwarted by the locals shop for vehicles or even vent their anger. These frictions, conflicts, "no direct interest" features more apparent. Those involved in the conflict, the parties have no relationship with the victim; was clear to correspondents said: did not my thing, just want to vent their anger, as to what the excuse was no longer valid. Even some of the incidents of the parties out of the rumor, he did not prove to be killed or wounded, GHD new colour collectionbut has also been the perpetrators of the siege, playing

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