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    Hebei villagers continued excessive heavy metals: Experts are not sure whether the health hazards


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    Hebei villagers continued excessive heavy metals: Experts are not sure whether the health hazards

    Post  momomi1111 on Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:20 pm

    13, the media reported that some villagers found Hebei Gu'an excessive heavy metals, GHD iv styler collectiona nearby factory suspected as a culprit. Officials here responded that night by experts, local residents still can not determine the content of heavy metals in urine has reached the level of the health hazards involved in corporate authority of the pollution monitoring work is being actively coordination.Written response to the government, said Guan, March 2, after the county Environmental Protection Agency commissioned the National Analysis Center of the North mine and the surrounding soil environment wastewater sampling and analysis, the results showed: the Yongding River discharge port after the plant, the plant area puddle The PH value of waste water and suspended solids in wastewater plant puddle two data exceeded the national standard, other contaminants are in line with the national standard limit, GHD pure white stylerthe contaminants in soil are in line with national standards. Environmental testing were not detected two mercury, lead and heavy metals. April 29, the county health department invited experts on demonstration will be held to some people with heavy metals in the body thematic argument. After full discussion, the experts reached a "basis of information provided by the parties, can not be determined heavy metals in urine of local residents has reached the level of risks to health, "the conclusion.Official explained that the experts emphasized that different regions have different reference groups, as 307 hospital military hospital, their heavy metal standards apply to this special group of Army soldiers, GHD new colour collectionwith the standard measure of whether the heavy metals exceeded the general public is not science.

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