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    Demolitions of houses built Baoting farmers in Hainan Golf Course


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    Demolitions of houses built Baoting farmers in Hainan Golf Course

    Post  momomi1111 on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:26 pm

    In the Li and Miao Autonomous County, GHD iv styler collectionHainan Province Baoting, Liqing Fang for a long period of time has been a typical hard-working rich. Since 1992, the farm was laid off from the star's Liqing Fang has contracted by nearly 150 acres of cultivated farm land for planting and breeding. Over the years, he has been large-scale eco-farm, he not only reclaiming planted litchi, longan, jackfruit, betel nut and other crops, but also fish, pig, and in their own orchard built a 500 square meters of villa.In 2002, Liqing Fang has achieved the Hainan Land Reclamation Bureau rich requires hard work put forward by the "four", which owns a villa, an orchard, a passbook, a car, and thus he was named the year system of Hainan State Farms labor model, GHD pure white stylerand was publicly commended.In accordance with the Liqing Fang's idea a few years working hard, or even earn their next million family business. However, in August 2008, Hainan State Farms Corporation, approved to set up Baoting Star Investment Co., Ltd., started Farm Baoting Sports & Leisure Center, five-star hotel project. However, according to report, this project is dressed in "sports leisure center" of the coat, GHD new colour collectionand its essence is an area of ​​2,500 acres of golf course, and China as early as 2002 to stop approving land for golf course project.

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