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    Ban electric bicycles in the urban area of Shenzhen on the road Yin Zhengyi


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    Ban electric bicycles in the urban area of Shenzhen on the road Yin Zhengyi

    Post  momomi1111 on Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:18 pm

    In 1997, Shenzhen cancel bicycle lanes, the bike to "squeeze" on the sidewalk, became the first city without bike lanes.But not the bike for many years as a major means of transport in Shenzhen, GHD iv styler collectionin recent years, there is a growing number of electric bicycles. Contention Road, looting Road, overbearing electric bicycles often getting himself into trouble. 3 years, Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau on 26 million electric bikes were illegal penalties, warning, correcting more than 368 cases. Bureau of Statistics data show that the electric bicycle accident in Shenzhen was a substantial upward trend year by year, nearly 3 years has resulted in 152 deaths and 685 injuries.According to the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau of test data, generally the speed street bike 15 kilometers per hour limit. Luohu District, a clear water river crossing, said traffic wardens, speed electric bicycles, big accident damage,GHD pure white styler no cards, and more and difficult to trace the escape incident.Some people feel that the road to ban electric bicycles to work, from school children to school the inconvenience, express industry fears that the "last mile" of delivery, e-commerce industry, worried about the cost of driving distribution, the electric bicycle industry associations fear the loss of chain Some people even think that the "ban" contrary to the development of low carbon environmental trends and national policy, GHD new colour collectiondeprived the public of traffic rights.

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