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    Full moon ineffective smoking indoors tacit part of the business of smoking


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    Full moon ineffective smoking indoors tacit part of the business of smoking

    Post  momomi1111 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:46 pm

    Since May 1, the total ban on smoking in indoor public places, more than a month past, GHD iv styler collectionsmoking effects? Visits to public places reporters found that many smokers in indoor public places still allow smoking, and strictly execute in a few places, smokers are looking for ways to find "smoking" the opportunity, therefore, became the terminal flower Ashtray was full of cigarette butts.Small Dragon Boat Festival holiday days, journalists access to various public places, found that while some strictly enforced in public places "smoking ban", but law-abiding sense of helplessness smokers is not high, still steal smoking. Four in the West ward in a hospital near the building, several men gathered in the ward area patients the side of the window at the puff, "the ward non-smoking, we dare not smoke, GHD pure white stylernurses can not see here. " One Patients were smokers, said. Although not see smoke, but the accumulation of cigarette smoke, the other from the patients and their families through the corridor, that was very pungent.Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal, has recently closed all the smoking room. But some smokers to understand the addiction, the staff is not prepared to take advantage of the time smoking cigarettes and then stuffed into the airport outside the hall decorated with flower beds. In the flower bed outside the T2 terminal will have 20 minutes to seven or eight cigarettes. Man who was smoking, said the terminal not to smoke, so he went to smoke outside, "There is not room for it?" Ren in the micro-Bo also said the airport flower beds turned into smokers The trash, he made the picture, GHD new colour collectionthe edge of flower beds filled with cigarette butts, enough to have twenty or thirty, placed beside a lighter.

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