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    India has the merciless fire five missiles hit the Harbin


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    India has the merciless fire five missiles hit the Harbin  Empty India has the merciless fire five missiles hit the Harbin

    Post  momomi1111 on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:36 am

    "India Times" reported June 4, after a period of delay, India's "finally" decided to test-fire this year in December the "most ambitious" strategic missile - the "five types of fire" (Agni - V) missile. Reported that "five fire" missiles, high maneuverability and responsiveness of the road, covering more than 5000 kilometers. If necessary, the "five types of fire" missiles, even nuclear attack on China's northeastern range.GHD iv styler collection
    "The Times of India," said the Indian Army early, "the kind of fire" (700 km range) and "Agni" II missiles (2,000 km range) and the Pakistan goal. This "five fire" missile, designed to improve China's "credible deterrent" because of China's east - 31A missile has a range of 12,000 kilometers, have the ability to attack any city in India. "Agni - V-type" missile and the former "Agni" missile are very different, more convenient storage,GHD pure white styler
    the use of cylindrical missile launcher, the missile will also be more convenient to transport. Said: "The Times of India" also pointed out that if in the northeast of India launched the "Five fire" missile, which will have the ability to hit China's northern city of Harbin. In addition, the "five types of fire" missile can guide the development of the Indian subcontinent to carry multiple warheads (the MIRV) warheads fired far, for different target number. He said India's Defense Research and Development Institute (crying).June 3 primary, India has three stages of the "five types of fire" missiles were tested,GHD new colour collection
    all of the ground test is being wound up, India will be integrated. He said: "We want to test this missile in December, they do not want to move this process forward to 2012."

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